Diary of a Digital Librarian

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20 modern libraries from around the world

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A list of most tremendous examples showing how modern libraries are shaping the way we learn and enjoy reading in the digital age.

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Here are some handsome modern libraries from around the world…

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The problem with too much information – Dougald Hine – Aeon

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The internet promised to feed our minds with information. What have we learned? That our minds need more than that

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Helping people find meaning in raw information is of growing importance to the library profession.  Finding stuff isn’t hard; finding good stuff is harder.  Putting it into a meaningful context is the icing on the cake.

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Why should librarians learn python?

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Andromeda Yelton

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Andromeda concisely explains why library staff should spend some time getting to grips with coding, even if they don’t intend to become a programmer.

The short answer is to be a better informed library professional, which can only help your work and career.

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How Public Libraries Are Solving America’s Reading Problem

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We have a reading problem in the United States.  It’s not that people aren’t reading: in fact the Pew Research Center reports that 76% of adults have read a book in the past year.  Even kids are reading – and some studies suggest that millennials are more likely to read […]

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This article describes how some libraries in the ‘States have dramatically increased book circulation by reorganizing their collections and physical spaces.  They have taken lessons from retail, in particular from bookstores to deliver a very different experience for library patrons.

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Library Usage Soars as Libraries Get Madly Innovative

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The notion of libraries as centers for communities is hardly new, but the surge in visitors that they are experiencing would make anyone proud and excited.

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A fantastic article that shows how libraries are reaping the benefits of finding new ways to add value.

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This Human of New York Takes His Libraries Seriously

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Last seen eating chicken at the intersection of 42nd Street and Fifth Avenue. Likes books and people. Loves the institution that brings books and people together.  

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On the surface this article appears farcical, but read a few paragraphs in and you will find a serious look at the problems New York Public Library faces in balancing public access and research needs, as well as paper books vs ebooks.

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QR codes, NFC and mobile tagging for libraries - a big flop? | SwetsBlog

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QR codes and near-field communication (NFC) seem to offer endless possibilities for libraries. Read why this is not the case!

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Stockholm’s Tio Tretton Library Gives Tweens a Space of Their Own

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At a tween-only library in Stockholm, the only patrons allowed are children between 10 and 13—a group that often feels too old for children’s sections but not yet ready for full-on YA experiences.

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Rethinking the library - Focus

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Skillful service design comes to life in Finnish libraries.

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The Library of the Future Is Here

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It’s got 3-D printers, laser cutters, sewing machines, and its own roast coffee, named “shush.”

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Out with the tomes, and in with the 3d printers and sewing machines..

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