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Learned architecture: Australia’s best new libraries for 2014

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See our top 12 (so far) list of new Australian libraries for 2014.

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The case for making libraries full of toys and games

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American businessman and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie’s public library legacy was built on a boyhood dream: to acquire knowledge. Carnegie believed in “the meritocratic nature of America,” that anyone “with the right inclination and desire could educate himself” and therefore succeed, and that libraries should contribute directly to that. So what are libraries doing lending out toys and holding game nights? Aren’t American…

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This is an interesting article with lots of useful links.

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How a New Dutch Library Smashed Attendance Records

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Facing declining visitors and uncertainty about what to do about it, library administrators in the new town of Almere in the Netherlands did something extraordinary. They redesigned their libraries based on the changing needs and desires of library users and, in 2010, opened the Nieuwe Bibliotheek (New Library), a thriving community hub that looks more like a bookstore than a library.

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A radical redesign has helped this Dutch library turn its declining patronage numbers around.

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The Public Library Wants To Be Your Office

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Shoving books aside to create community-centered coworking spaces doesnt sit well with some library loyalists.

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Libraries are becoming de-facto business incubators, and a few are actively targeting that market.

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Go Mobile with Your Library’s Adult Programming | TechSoup for Libraries

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Insert “library” instead of bookshop & I think there’s worthwhile things to take away from this article.

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Why UX in libraries is a thing now

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UX (or User Experience) incorporating usability studies, ethnographic research, and service design, is now being actively embraced by librarians. This presenta…

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Not really a future trend, but I think it is a really good idea to understand the tribes that use your library.

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This could be Ireland’s library of the future – but why the controversy?

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The Lexicon is costing €36.6m to build. In an interesting move, the 6,520m2 building – which will be the central library for the county of Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown – will be called the Dlr Lexicon, which reflects the fact that it offers more than a library.

It’s also intended to be a cultural centre, with a café (the tenant is yet to be decided on), a gallery, a small auditorium space, crafts spaces, a local history library, 100 parking spaces and a children’s library.

It’s hoped that this mix of facilities will attract more than 50,000 people to Dun Laoghaire every year.

Rather than being detached from the rest of the town, it is supposed to draw people into the centre of Dun Laoghaire, offering them a space to explore and enjoy before making their way into the town.

nickcarman's insight:

Public libraries have to prove they are delivering value to their customers to justify the money spent on them.  There is nothing different about this library to any other library in the world.  Staff & management will need to be on their game.

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The Five Laws of Library Science: INFOGRAPHIC - GalleyCat

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"USC Online has created an infographic called, “The Five Laws of Library Science,” which explores five principles which can help guide the practices of librarians.

According to the graphic, almost 2.5 million public library books were circulated between more than 1.5 million people in 2011. The graphic also points out that there is more than 120,000 libraries in the U.S.”

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This Swede takes credit for 2.7 million Wikipedia entries. So why are purists complaining?

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 A 53-year-old Swede can take credit for 2.7 million articles on Wikipedia, but some “purists” complain about his method.

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Sverker Johansson uses a bot to create articles for Wikipedia.  He creates article stubs & then lets others flesh them out.  It looks like curation on steroids to me.

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